Monthly Archives: April 2019

He has Arrive.
We all knew this day would come and yet knowing has done little to soften the shocker that is the first trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog the movie. Okay, so [...]
Tower of Pain.
Mortal Kombat and controversy pretty much go hand in hand & have done since the series’ creation back in 92. That said, the controversy [...]
Return to the Masquerade.
Did you know a sequel to the cult classic, Vampire the Masquerade is in the works? I didn’t, well not until I stumbled upon the trailer today. For [...]
XBox owning SNK fans rejoice, the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection is finally heading over to the XBox One.  Featuring some 20+ games, as well as the [...]
Persona 5 S.
After months of speculation, Atlus has finally unveiled the true face of Persona 5, S & it’s safe to say, nobody saw this coming. Co-developed by [...]
Heading to Hawaii.
Shakedown Hawaii, the long-anticipated sequel to Retro City Rampage has finally received an official release date of May 7th. On a slightly sour note, the [...]
Lies, Damn Lies & Kotaku.
I spent much of this weekend pondering; when exactly did games journalism become such a dirty term & when did our games media decide to stop promoting [...]
Sega MegaDrive Mini Adds 10.
Sega has revealed 10 more of the titles preloaded onto the Sega MegaDrive Mini, & boy are there some good ones. Earthworm Jim, for instance, is not [...]
Bleed Collection: Part 2 (PS4) Review
Welcome to the second part of my review for the Bleed Collection, and here I’ll be taking a look at Bleed 2, as well as giving my review score for [...]
PC Traveler.
Having already proven a smash hit on the Switch, Square Enix is hoping to squeeze a little more from Octopath Traveler with a port to PC. The port itself [...]