Monthly Archives: April 2019

Switch Eater.
The God Eater series is making it’s way to a Nintendo platform for the first time this July 12th with the release of God Eater 3 on the Switch. While [...]
Bleed Collection Review: Part 1 (PS4)
Welcome to the second review of a game in the Play-Asia ‘Exclusives’ range, and this times it’s the Bleed collection. This first part [...]
Persona Switch Again.
Rumours regrading the Nintendo Switch seem to be popping up almost daily at this point but two in particular refuse to die, Persona 5 & Metroid Trilogy [...]
Sega Classic.
The retro gaming trean shows no signs of slowing what with Sega’s mini MegaDrive all set to hit store shelves this September 19, but that might not be all [...]
Sushi Striker: The way of Sushido (Switch) Review
Join Musashi as he fights the Empire to bring sushi to all people of the world— it’s Sushi Striker: The way of Sushido for the Nintendo Switch— the [...]