YuGiOh Master Duel Details
There are few hobbies as enjoyable as collecting, depending on how rewarding and frustrating the measures of you’re collecting is. Now when it comes to [...]
GoldenEye: The Return?
In 1995 Pierce Brosnan took over the role of James Bond from Timothy Dalton. Two years later in 1997, Rare developed probably the best movie-licensed [...]
Arcade Fun With Breakers Collection
Now that we’re into the new year we can look forward to some of the titles scheduled for release in 2022. One of those is definitely for the arcade fans; [...]
Sam Fisher Remade
It’s coming up on two decades since Ubisoft introduced the world to the night-vision goggles-wearing NSA agent Sam Fisher in Tom Clancy’s Splinter [...]
Alan Wake 2
The fictional fiction writer Alan Wake was in attendance at the recent Game Awards, and with a new game no less. There wasn’t much info on what Wake will [...]
Discussing Starfield
Starfield developers discuss a little bit about themselves and a bit about Starfield in a new video on Bethesda’s official Youtube channel. You can watch [...]
GTA Physical Release Delayed
If you’re one of the Grand Theft Auto fans waiting for the physical release of the trilogy then I’ve got bad new; the release date for the GTA Trilogy has [...]
Warner Bros. MultiVersus
It turned out to be true. The rumour – recently reported – of a Smash Bros. inspired game from Warner Brothers, featuring Warner Brothers franchises, has [...]
Xbox Backwards Compatibility
One thing that seems to share wide support among game fans is backwards compatibility. Saving your collection from gathering dust as well as getting use [...]
The Elden Ring In-Depth
Yesterday we finally get a proper look at Elden Ring, and the new fantasy game coming out of FromSoftware is certainly looking impressive for anyone that [...]