Starfield At The Showcase
Probably the anticipated title to show up at the Xbox showcase was Starfield. The promise of Elder Scrolls in space, or perhaps more accurately No Man’s [...]
Persona Comes to Xbox
If the Xbox showcase had you thinking that there wouldn’t be anything for the JRPG fan in you than think again. Three separate titles from Atlus: Person 3, [...]
New Game From Rick & Morty Creator: High On Life
One of the more interesting games to be shown at the recent Xbox showcase was a first-person shooter game that has one of the Rick & Morty creators [...]
Capcom Showcase In June
The time that would have traditionally been filled with hours of convention sights and sounds that emanate from E3 is now the canvas of publishers and [...]
Aliens Dark Descent
The Xenomorphs are back to bleed acid and terrorise man in a new game, Aliens: Dark Descent. The game will be a squad based action game, and is coming to [...]
New Xbox Showcase
Xbox fans have news to look forward to. On the 12th of June Microsoft will be holding a new Xbox showcase. The showcase will have new trailers, as well as [...]
RE 4 And SF 6
Undoubtedly two of the biggest titles to be shown off at the recent Playstation state of play had to be the remake for the excellent Resident Evil 4 and [...]
New Sonic Frontiers Footage
Sega has released a trailer (courtesy of IGN) for Sonic Frontiers, the latest adventure of video game’s favourite blue hedgehog. Sega is targeting higher [...]
Dead Space Remake Release Date
Dead Space was a shockingly good game. It managed to offer a horror atmosphere while integrating action that didn’t detract from the menace of the many [...]
Double Delays From Bethesda
Publisher Bethesda had to brake the news to Xbox fans that two games, Starfield and Redfall, will both be delayed. The games will be pushed back to 2023.