Monthly Archives: June 2021

Kazuya Smash Bros. Direct
Mr. Masahiro Sakurai held the latest of his ‘Mr. Sakurai Presents’ to showcase Smash Bros. Ultimate’s latest addition, Tekken veteran Kazuya Mishima. The [...]
New Interview With Bokeh Game Studio
Are you interested in some news from Bokeh Game Studio (the young games developers with staff from the Silent Hill and Forbidden Siren franchises)? Well [...]
Legend Of Heroes Games Coming To The West
A total of 4 Legend of Heroes games are officially coming to the West. The games are; The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero, Trails to Azure, Trails into [...]
Tekken X Street Fighter Is Not Dead But Paused
When Street Fighter X Tekken came out (back in 2012) it wasn’t as well received as Capcom would have hoped, but there was still hop for the cross-over with [...]
Final Fantasy IX Animation
Zidane and friends might be making another kind of come back after the remaster of Final Fantasy IX in 2019, because now the game looks to be making the [...]
Castlevania Advance Collection
The Game Boy Advance has a very strong library of games to play. If you were going to play a game from that library right now you couldn’t go wrong with [...]
Bayonetta 3 is ‘Progressing Well’
If you were one of many people wondering where Bayonetta 3 was at Nintendo’s Direct during this year’s E3 then Nintendo has some reassuring news for you. [...]
Breath Of Fire To Teppen
There are some franchises that are difficult to be fans of. If you’ve just completed Dino Crisis for the twelfth time as part of you’re series marathon [...]
Reboot For Everwild
Perfect Dark wasn’t the only notable absentee from Rare at Microsoft’s E3 presentation this year. The enigmatic Everwild was missing too, that colour, [...]
Nintendo E3: What Was There?
All eyes fell on Nintendo as the last big presentation for this year’s E3, but what was there? The very first game we saw was Smash Bros. Ultimate and the [...]