Monthly Archives: June 2021

Square Enix At E3: What Was There
The RPG titan Square Enix was stepping up for presentation duties after Microsoft at this year’s E3, and they started off with a big Marvel-license game; [...]
Microsoft/Bethesda At E3: What Was There?
Microsoft held their E3 event amid high anticipation after the recent acquisition of Bethesda, but how did things pan out? Did the event live up to the [...]
E3 2021 Ubisoft Forward What Was There?
So after a year away there was quite a bit of pressure on Ubisoft as the first showcase event for this year’s E3, but was there anything there worth [...]
E3 Kicks Off Today
After its absence last year E3 is back and starting today at 8pm for Great Britain and 12am PT/3pm EST for the U.S.A. with Ubisoft’s [...]
Metal Slug Tactics
The crazy, cartoony world of Metal Slug is in for a whole new chapter with the announcement of Metal Slug Tactic, a strategy game in the Metal Slug [...]
Elden Ring Release Date
Summer Games Fest kicked-off yesterday, and in the opening presentation the biggest news was a new trailer for Elden Ring, the Dark Souls-looking fantasy [...]
Summer Games Fest Starts Today
If you’re looking for the latest news coming from some of the biggest games developers and publishers then don’t forget that today is the start of this [...]
Alex Kidd’s New Release Date
So often do games see their release dates pushed back, extended by some unseen complications that require ‘polish’ before the game can hit store shelves. [...]
Shin Megami Tensei V Release Date
Thanks to website Persona Central we now have a release date for Shin Megami Tensei 5. The news came from the official SMT V website, which presumably [...]
The Good Life Delayed
The Good Life has been given a delay of Summer 2021 to Fall 2021, according to the latest trailer for the game. The Good Life is the next game to come from [...]