Castlevania Advance Collection

June 21, 2021 - News
Castlevania Advance Collection

The Game Boy Advance has a very strong library of games to play. If you were going to play a game from that library right now you couldn’t go wrong with any of the three Castlevania titles on the system.

Well the good news is you won’t need a Game Boy Advance to play those games at some time soon, that is if a rating from Australia is to be believed.

Coming from the Australian Rating Board for games, rating a game called ‘Castlevania Advance Collection’, which has been filed by Konami.

There seems ample reason to take the idea of a Castlevania Advance Collection is on the way, not only due to the rating but also that this fits with Konami’s recent practice of collection compilation, these include on Castlevania Collection already, a Contra Collection and an arcade games collection.

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