Polymega Finally Shipping

August 3, 2021 - News
Polymega Finally Shipping

It’s been one thing after another for Playmaji and their Polymega System. The new retro console stands out from the crowd of contenders as one that allows gamers to play their CD-based games from the Playstation, Turbo/Core/ PC Engine CD games, NeoGeo CD, Sega CD and the Sega Saturn.

Older cartridge and HuCard games can also be played, but that requires you to purchase ‘modules’ that can be swapped out for one another depending on what console you’re looking to play.

After everything from sparks between Polymega’s social media arm and some retro game fans, to falling out with American retail giant Walmart, and the violence in Myanmar, it looks like the Polymega will finally start putting consoles in customers’ hands.

From an update on the official Polymega website, Playmaji has set a ‘firm date’ to start shipping consoles in September, though this first wave will be targeted at customers who pre-ordered between 2018 and April of 2020. Those who have pre-ordered post April 2020 on the Polymega website will have to wait until sometime in 2022 for the system to ship to them.

Reviewers who have actually used the early Polymega units all seem quite taken with them, so if regular customers can soon get their hands on it than maybe people will start hearing more good things about the Polymega.

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