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Sony Defuses The ‘CBOMB’
It was discovered early this year that the PS4 was designed with a big flaw; that it would be useless when Sony eventually retires the Playstation 4 [...]
GT7’s Online Requirements To ‘Prevent Cheating’
You can read a new story from Eurogamer here which goes into explaining the reasoning behind Gran Turismo 7’s online requirement for single-player modes. [...]
Alan Wake Remaster Confirmed
We reported on a retail listing for an unannounced remaster for Remedy’s horror classic Alan Wake. Now the remaster has been confirmed on the fan site [...]
Playstation Showcase On The 9th
If you’re a PS5 fan you might have been left disappointed by the showing (or lack of one) at the recent Gamescom event. Well fear not, because Sony has [...]
Sol Cresta Release Date
What do you do if you’re a fan of arcade-style scrolling shooters and looking for what fun PlatinumGames has in store for us next? Why you buy Sol Cresta [...]
Dead Space Remake: An Early Look
EA gave us an early look, from the point of view of a developer, at remake of horror game classic Dead Space yesterday on Twitch, explaining about what [...]
Polymega Finally Shipping
It’s been one thing after another for Playmaji and their Polymega System. The new retro console stands out from the crowd of contenders as one that allows [...]
The Next Street Fighter 5 Update
You’ll only need to wait a little while longer to hear more about the next characters coming to Capcom’s popular brawler, SFV. The tarot reading Rose was [...]
Ghostwire Tokyo Delayed
Ghostwire Tokyo has had it’s release date pushed back until 2022. The news comes from the official Ghostwire Twitter account, stating that the delay was [...]
New Super Monkey Ball Trailer
If you want to take a look at the antics of Sega’s banana-mad monkeys then take a look at the new trailer for Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania. Super Monkey [...]