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Game Boy And Game Boy Colour On Switch
A great deal of steam has built up around this rumour; that the Nintendo Switch online service will be adding Game Boy and Game Boy Colour games, as it [...]
Valis Collection Release Date
Valis: The Fantasm Soldier Collection, which is coming to the Nintendo Switch, now has a release date of the 9th of December, 2021. Unfortunately there is [...]
Powerslave For A Port
Nightdive Studios likes nothing better than to pull titles out of the past and into a present-day port. Now the studio has dug up__(ahem) Powerslave [...]
A Tale Of Two Jims.
Does anyone remember the Masked Magician? No. Well in a nut shell it was a show from back in the 90s where a masked magician would do a few mind-bending [...]
Mini Amiga In 2022
The fashion of making miniature (relative to the original) consoles to give people the chance to enjoy their old games is one that Stage-Select definitely [...]
Intellivison Amico Delayed
The Intellivision Amico has hit another delay. The news comes from VGC, which they received through an email sent to customers who have pre-ordered the [...]
Taito Egret II Mini – All 50 Games
The next mini retro machine coming to market is the Taito Egret II arcade. Taito was a giant of the arcade scene at one point with titles like Space [...]
Polymega Finally Shipping
It’s been one thing after another for Playmaji and their Polymega System. The new retro console stands out from the crowd of contenders as one that allows [...]
Evercade’s Renovation Cartridge
Evercade has another cartridge-based collection of retro games on the way. This time we’re going to be getting our hands on some classic games from [...]
Sequel To Bloodstained?
It looks like Castlevainia veteran Koji Igarashi is on to a real winner with his Vampire Killer inspired Bloodstained series. Not only has the relatively [...]