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Sonic Prime On Netflix
Sonic the Hedgehog is receiving another animated adaptation, this time called Sonic Prime. The newest piece of media to pop up with Sonic in its name is a [...]
History Of Sega Hardware
Do you like history? Do you like video games? If you answered yes to both those questions then maybe you’d like to take a look at the video Sega recently [...]
GENDA & Sega
Sega will be seeing some changes as a Japanese Company, GENDA, will be buying the majority of shares in the company. It seems that this mass share buying [...]
Balan Wonderworld New Trailer
The latest adventure from former Sonic Team staff Mr. Yuji Naka and Mr. Naoto Oshima, Balan Wonderworld, has a new trailer showing the opening movie for [...]
Free ‘Mini’ Games
To accompany their digital sale for its 60th anniversary Sega has decided to give away some small games. The four free mini-games include a Yakuza and [...]
Sega 60th Anniversary Steam Sale
Sega are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the compan’s predecessor with a sale on digital games. If you head over to Steam you [...]
Sega Astro City Mini: Last Games Revealed
Sega has revealed the last games to come pre-loaded on their miniaturised arcade machine. The latest reveal came through an internet stream from gaming [...]
Sega’s Project B.L.A.C.K.
Sega might have a new game in the works, having just released a trailer (see below) for something called Project B.L.A.C.K. There’s nothing more to [...]
Astro City Mini New Games and Release Date
Stage-Select already covered the announcement of the mini arcade machine coming from Sega that promises to bring back some of their fun arcade games. Now [...]
More Atlus Ports?
Only recently Persona 4 Golden was ported to PC through Steam, being a PS Vita exclusive before that, and the port has proved very popular, having already [...]