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Yakuza Kiwami 2 Xbox & PC Release Date
It’s only until recently that the popular Yakuza series was associated Playstation, but since Sega’s initial announcement to bring Yakuza to [...]
Astro City Mini Available For Pre-Order
There might not be any news of a Western release for Sega’s Astro City Mini, the miniaturised Sega Arcade machine with 36 games included on the [...]
Sega’s Astro City Mini
Sega is truly exasperating. Perhaps they’re just the truest example of the ‘thin line between genius and madness’. They produced a great [...]
Sega Getting Foggy
Sega is quite busy right now with the news that they are working on the Game Gear Micro, and now they’re fiddling with Japanese arcades. [...]
Sega Game Gear Micro
Sega is making hardware again, but it’s not the reveal that many will have been hoping for. In celebration of Sega’s 60th anniversary the [...]
Sega Has A Big Announcement
There is apparently a big piece of news involving Sega. The claim came from Japanese Journalist Mr. Zenji Nishikawa during a Youtube live-stream, who said [...]
Sonic The Hedgehog Going Slower
The latest Sonic Official stream, the first of 2020, took place a few days ago without much fanfare, but occasionally you might hear something interesting. [...]
Ecco The Dolphin Review (Sega Mega Drive)
Ecco is a dolphin, and he spends his days speeding through the waves, catching fish and playing with his fellow dolphins. While in the midst such of [...]
Streets Of Rage 4 Release Date
Streets of Rage 4 will be releasing digitally on the 30th of April 2020, for all those fans, old and new, waiting for the return of one of one of the most [...]
Retro-Bit’s New Dreamcast Controller
If you’ve ever used the original Dreamcast controller (especially over an extended session of Street Fighter Alpha 3) then you’ll be painfully [...]