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Doom Eternal Switch Release Date
After the rocky road that Doom Eternal’s Switch release has suffered, what with the lack of a physical release originally believed to be for this year, the [...]
More PS5 Stock
Stage-Select already wrote about the stock issues facing retailer Game in the UK, and on top of that we have seen ‘scalpers’ mass-purchase [...]
No Physical Doom Eternal For Switch
Bethesda has made the decision to release Doom Eternal as a digital-only title through the Nintendo e-Shop. The game, which is already available on the PS4 [...]
IO Interactive’s 007
IO Interactive, the developers behind the Hitman series, and Kane & Lynch, have let the world know the latest project they are working on. Codenamed [...]
PS5 Stock Issues UK
There’s been more than a few concerns over just how much stock will be available to customers wanting to buy a PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, and it seems [...]
Capcom Target Of Hack
Japanese games giant Capcom have confirmed that they were the target of a ‘ransomware’ cyber attack. Capcom have released a press statement [...]
AEW Game
All Elite Wrestling has announced that they will be licensing 3 games to different developers under the ‘AEW GAMES’ brand, two mobile titles [...]
Nioh Collection
Koei Tecmo’s Souls-like, Japanese themed action games, Nioh and Nioh 2 are going to be coming to the Playstation 5 in one bundle. Called The Nioh [...]
Take-Two & Codemasters
Take-Two has announced that they will be going ahead with a purchase of games industry veterans Codemasters. In a statement Take-Two CEO Mr. Strauss [...]
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition
There’s been talk about it for ages now, but BioWare has finally decided to confirm that a Mass Effect collection is on the way. Called Mass Effect: [...]