Retro Game Reviews

A Tale Of Two Jims.
Does anyone remember the Masked Magician? No. Well in a nut shell it was a show from back in the 90s where a masked magician would do a few mind-bending [...]
Discovering Sly Cooper.
I can distinctly remember the shift the platform genre took when transitioning from the PlayStation 1 to the PS2. Gone, or at least changed beyond [...]
Ecco The Dolphin Review (Sega Mega Drive)
Ecco is a dolphin, and he spends his days speeding through the waves, catching fish and playing with his fellow dolphins. While in the midst such of [...]
Alien Storm Review (Sega Mega Drive)
In 1990 Sega released Alien Storm in arcades, and for many it was something like a science fiction themed Golden Axe. Then in 1991 Alien Storm made the [...]
Mr. Nutz Review (Super Nintendo)
There was a time when platform games filled shop shelves and were in and out of games consoles all day. Back then you could find a whole host of developers [...]