Monthly Archives: January 2019

Metroid Do Over.
Metroid Prime 4 is being scrapped & started a fresh. The game, which was rumoured to be under the development of Bandai Namco, was not meeting the [...]
Metroid Prime Trilogy Switch.
With Metroid Prime 4 now a long, long way away word has it Nintendo are looking to fill the void with nothing less than a Switch release of Metroid Prime [...]
Game Boy Log #2 Balloon Kid
In 1991 Nintendo released Balloon Kid for the Game Boy in Europe, a flying-platformer hybrid, and sequel to the Nintendo Entertainment System classic [...]
Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee Review
When I sat down to play Pok√©mon Let’s Go Eevee on the Nintendo switch, openly I’ll admit, I did so with a closed mind. See I’m a huge [...]
Mr. Nutz Review (Super Nintendo)
There was a time when platform games filled shop shelves and were in and out of games consoles all day. Back then you could find a whole host of developers [...]
Game Boy Log #1 Kid Dracula
So here we are with the first of what I hope is many Game Boy Logs, where every addition to the original Game Boy’s library I make is documented and [...]
The Mummy Demastered
Hello and welcome to the first every Nintendo Swich game review, and for starters it’s The Mummy Demastered, digital release for the Nintendo Switch [...]
Most Anticipated of 2019.
2018 saw a slew of great games find their way to our shelves and 2019 is looking like more of the same; more great games, more fun times and less money in [...]