The Yukes Rut.

May 15, 2019 - News
The Yukes Rut.

A sustained lack of competition has driven the professional wrestling industry to the point of becoming predictably stale. So stale in fact that fans are turning their backs on it in droves.

Many would be quick to describe wrestling games the same, with 2K’s WWE titles in particular feeling lacklustre for years now. Hell even Hiromi Furuta, the Senior Vice President of Yuke’s, the studio behind countless WWE titles, has said the developer is loosing passion working on 2K games & the only way to change this is to create a brand new wrestling game, built from the ground up by a brand new team to go head to head with 2K’s WWE titles.

When we’ll see this new game remains unclear, however many fans will be hoping for a return to the AKI/Yuke’s days where titles like WWE No Mercy & Smackdown faced off against each other, pushing the games to greater & greater heights.

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