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Take-Two & Codemasters
Take-Two has announced that they will be going ahead with a purchase of games industry veterans Codemasters. In a statement Take-Two CEO Mr. Strauss [...]
WWE 2K21 Cancelled to Battlegrounds
WWE 2K20 has a lot of well-documented problems, partly due to the departure of long-time developers Yukes. The poor impression of 2K20 as well as [...]
New Nintendo Direct (26/03/2020)
Nintendo decided to continued their mystifying practice of catching us wrong-footed with a surprise Nintendo Direct. And although they were calling it a [...]
Google Stadia full Reveal.
After all the hype Google finally lifted the lid on their new gaming platform, the Google Stadia. So was the announcement worth the wait, will this new [...]
The Yukes Rut.
A sustained lack of competition has driven the professional wrestling industry to the point of becoming predictably stale. So stale in fact that fans are [...]