Monthly Archives: May 2019

Death Stranding Release Date.
The first game from a Konami-less Hideo Kojima, the mysterious PlayStation 4 exclusive Death Stranding, has been given an official release November [...]
Contra Anniversary Collection.
With the Castlevania Collection out & about all eyes are now firmly on the Contra Anniversary Collection which Konami has kindly revealed the entirety [...]
Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers.
Final Fantasy 7 R will almost certainly be one of the stand out games at this year’s e3, but Square Enix does have another game at the show which just [...]
Big Pokémon News.
Game Freak has announced a host of new Pokémon themed apps & games coming our way over the next 12 months. Of these Pokémon Home will surely grab the [...]
Google Stadia price & release inbound.
While Google’s first attempt at revealing the Stadia didn’t quite get everyone on board, the tech giant is gearing up for a second crack at it, [...]
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes PS4 & PC.
While the wait for a true No More Heroes sequel goes on & on, the short-lived Switch exclusive & No More Heroes spin-off, Travis Strikes Again, is [...]
Star Ocean: First Departure R. 
Unexpectedly, Square Enix has announced that Star Ocean: First Departure R, a HD remastering of the PSP’s Star Ocean: First Departure is in the works [...]
Atelier Laiza: The Queen of Eternal Darkness & The Secret Hideout.
The long-running Atelier series is to receive a new instalment later this year dubbed, wait for it, Atelier Laiza: The Queen of Eternal Darkness & The [...]
The Playdate.
The Nintendo Switch has a surprising rival handheld to contend with, Panic’s Playdate. Resembling one of those little plastic themed handhelds [...]
DC Universe Online Switch.
Batman, Superman & the rest of the Justice League, alongside a few of their villains, are coming to the Nintendo Switch.  Launching back in 2011 [...]