Big Pokémon News.

May 29, 2019 - News
Big Pokémon News.

Game Freak has announced a host of new Pokémon themed apps & games coming our way over the next 12 months. Of these Pokémon Home will surely grab the most headlines given the simple fact it, like the PokéBank before, will be the only way for players of Let’s Go, Pikachu! & Eevee!, Pokémon Go & the 3DS games to get their Pokémon into the forthcoming Sword & Shield titles, at an additional cost of course. How much of a cost Game Freak are keeping to themselves, however, if it were much more then PokéBank’s yearly £4.49 cost fans will likely feel extorted?

Away from Pokémon Home 

Game Freak revealed a pair of new Pokémon titles for Android & IOS devices in the forms of Pokemon Masters, a game which will pit iconic trainers against one another & Pokémon Sleep, a mysterious title that monitors your sleep & a new Switch title, a direct sequel to the 3DS’s Detective Pikachu which will kick off exactly where the original finished.

Clearly Game Freak are doubling down on the Pokémon franchise going forward, fingers crossed there is no trade-off between quality & quantity in the process though.

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