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Star Ocean: The Divine Force
During the recent Playstation State of Play we were treated to the reveal of Star Ocean: The Divine Force for the PS4 and PS5. Divine Force is the next [...]
Konami & New Game Cygni
Konami are actually publishing a new game, a video game, not a pachinko machine. The new title is a scrolling-shooter called Cygni: All Guns Blazing, which [...]
GTA Trilogy Release Date
Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, a collection that will see the PS2 Grand Theft Auto titles (GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas) [...]
Xbox New Games With Gold
You can check out the next games coming to the ‘Games with Gold’ service, courtesy of Xbox On, the official Youtube channel for Xbox in the UK.
Monster Rancher DX Heading West
There have been Pokémon challengers as long as there have been Pocket Monsters, but in the case of Monster Rancher that might not have been the fairest [...]
Taito Egret II Mini – All 50 Games
The next mini retro machine coming to market is the Taito Egret II arcade. Taito was a giant of the arcade scene at one point with titles like Space [...]
Who remembers Rule Of Rose? Onion Games Does
There are so many games that just haven’t had a large print run. Games that are worth a look, and in some cases games that deserve a much wider audience, [...]
Silent Hill, Forbidden Siren, Gravity Rush and Now?
He’s one of the key people behind the original Silent Hill, Forbidden Siren and Gravity Rush, but last year Mr. Keiichiro Toyama left Sony to create his [...]
Evercade And Intellivision
The handheld retro-library console, the Evercade, is going to see an increase in it’s cartridge-based games. The latest set to arrive on the Evercade will [...]
NEO: The World Ends With You Announced
It was not what some expected, but it will have put smiles on fans faces. Way back in 2007 Square Enix released The World Ends With You, and action RPG for [...]