Evercade And Intellivision

February 13, 2021 - News
Evercade And Intellivision

The handheld retro-library console, the Evercade, is going to see an increase in it’s cartridge-based games.

The latest set to arrive on the Evercade will be coming from Intellivion, which will be arriving sometime in ‘the end of’ 2021, and will include 12 games. Evercade’s Mr. Andrew Byatt said there are plans for a second volume of Intellivision titles to be released in 2022.

Three of the twelve games confirmed for the first collection are Night Stalker, Astrosmash and Frog Bog.

This will come as something of a surprise to some when considering that the Intellivision Amico console is set to release in April of this year. So 2021 is certainly shaping up to be bright for Intellivision fans.

You can watch an interview with Intellivision’s Mr. Tommy Tallarico and Evercade’s Mr. Andrew Byatt on Youtube, by way of OEB Pete, here or below.

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