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New Yu-Gi-Oh Mobile Game Cross Duel
If you’re looking for a whole new way to play Yu-Gi-Oh then how about Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel, which will bring the idea of 4-player Yu-Gi-Oh matches to [...]
Yu-Gi-Oh Rush and Master
Konami made a handful of announcements in their recent ‘Next Digital’ stream, and two pieces of news that stood out were the announcements of Yu-Gi-Oh! [...]
Yu-Gi-Oh Announcements
Konami are on their way with Yu-Gi-Oh related announcements, coming this month. The Yu-Gi-On Digital Next event is scheduled for the 20th of June, and is [...]
Konami and Bloober Team Partnership
It seems that you cannot get away from rumours of a new Silent Hill, and the news that Konami and Bloober Team have entered into a partnership deal is [...]
Castlevania Advance Collection
The Game Boy Advance has a very strong library of games to play. If you were going to play a game from that library right now you couldn’t go wrong with [...]
Konami Out Of E3
Japanese games Publisher Konami has pulled out of the all-digital E3 event planned for this year. In a tweet Konami said that the decision came down to [...]
Castlevania Anniversary Collection Limited Run
If you’ve found yourself feeling the one thing your PS4 or Switch collection really needs is a set of classic Konami games than be pleased, because the [...]
Getsu Fuma Den & Indie World Showcase
Nintendo streamed another Indie World Showcase, which sheds some light on upcoming, smaller titles coming to the Switch. There was plenty on display [...]
E3 In 2021
E3, the largest gaming expo in the world, is going to go ahead in 2021. E3 had no end of trouble in 2020, eventually having to call the event off, but an [...]
Retro Turtles’ Return
Who remembers the old Teenage Mutant Ninja (Heroes over this side of the ocean) Turtles games, you know, the ones on the Super Nintendo, Mega Drive and [...]