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Did you know that Sunsoft is still around? It came as news to Stage-Select that the games developer is still knocking around, even releasing two games as [...]
Batman Collection On Switch?
French retailer WTT listed a ‘Batman Arkam Collection’ for the Nintendo Switch, before promptly removing the listing again. While there has been no [...]
Warner Bros. MultiVersus
It turned out to be true. The rumour – recently reported – of a Smash Bros. inspired game from Warner Brothers, featuring Warner Brothers franchises, has [...]
Warner Bros. Smash Bros.
It’s surprising that there seems to be such little enthusiasm from big publishers to turn their hand to repeating Nintendo’s quality. We see one battle [...]
Suicide Squad Trailer
If you’re looking to see more from Rocksteady’s (Batman Arkham series) next venture into comic book tie-ins than the good news is Suicide Squad: Kill the [...]
Gotham Knights Delayed
The coming Batman game, fronted by a quartet of Batman’s proteges; Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood and Robin, has been delayed. The game was originally [...]
Gotham Knights Revealed
The next Batman game to come out of WB Games Montreal has been revealed, and it might not include Batman. Gotham Knights will see players take control of [...]
Rocksteady Studios Suicide Squad
Since their work on the Batman: Arkham franchise finished people have been wondering what would be the next project for Rocksteady Studios. Well now [...]
Free Game: Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
Anybody looking to see some super-heroes and super-villains battling it out in a Mortal Kombat sort of way need look no further than Injustice: Gods Among [...]