Monthly Archives: February 2022

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
The Pokemon presents event was a mostly dull affair, with the opening of the 13 or so minute presentation being dedicated to mobile games in the series. [...]
Digimon Encyclopedia
Coming from Siliconera, if you’ve ever wanted to read an official encyclopedia of Digimon then good news, Bandai Namco has decided that add an English [...]
The Ascent Coming To PS4 & 5
The sci-fi, cyberpunk, laser blasting, action rpg is making the move from PC and the Xbox to the Playstation 4 and 5. The Ascent has been very well [...]
If anyone out there has tossing and turning in bed, driven by a thirst for information about Sony’s next virtual reality offering; well prepared to be [...]
Pokemon Direct
The Pokemon Company will hold a Pokemon presents event on the 27th of February, and will air at: 2pm in Great Britain and 6am PT/ 9am ET for the U.S.A. We [...]
Soul Hackers 2
Soul Hackers 2 is on the way. The Shin Megami Tensei spin-off that last saw the light of day on the Nintendo 3DS will see a sequel on the PS4/5, Xbox [...]
Street Fighter 6
Capcom’s website has finished its countdown and now we have a trailer to give us a first official look at Street Fighter 6. The trailer doesn’t show much [...]
Capcom Fighting Collection
In tandem with the news that Capcom was indeed working on Street Fighter 6, we also learned that Capcom is putting together another collection of their [...]
Counting Down To Street Fighter?
The Capcom countdown website is nearing its end, with the counter set to finish tomorrow. We still don’t know what to expect, but Jeff Grubb (GamesBeat [...]
Majora Masks Switch Soon
The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is the next Nintendo 64 game that will release on the Switch expansion pack, and will release to the service on the 25th [...]