Monthly Archives: August 2020

Sega’s Project B.L.A.C.K.
Sega might have a new game in the works, having just released a trailer (see below) for something called Project B.L.A.C.K. There’s nothing more to [...]
Ys IX Release Date
The long running action RPG series Ys has always had a small but loyal following of fans, but in recent years the games have started to find appeal among a [...]
Nintendo Mini Direct
Nintendo released a Direct Mini yesterday (26/08/2020), and it was mini. At only 11 minutes or so the presentation isn’t long, so if you want to [...]
Dragon’s Dogma Series Trailer
In its constant quest for more content Netflix has turned to the games industry more than once, and the latest title to be adapted for the online streaming [...]
Astro City Mini New Games and Release Date
Stage-Select already covered the announcement of the mini arcade machine coming from Sega that promises to bring back some of their fun arcade games. Now [...]
Gotham Knights Revealed
The next Batman game to come out of WB Games Montreal has been revealed, and it might not include Batman. Gotham Knights will see players take control of [...]
Sports Story Delayed
Sports Story, from the people that brought you Golf Story, is to be delayed. The game was scheduled for release this year, but developers Sidebar Games [...]
Untitled Geese Game
In the recent Nintendo Indie World Direct the closing game was Untitled Goose Game. That might seem a little odd given that UGG has been available for [...]
Nintendo Indie World
Nintendo held another Indie World presentation today (18/08/2020). The show lived up to its name with more than twenty indie titles on display. Three of [...]
Halo Infinite Delayed Till 2021
After the Halo Infinite gameplay trailer was release to the public there was a sense of being underwhelmed from some gamers at the graphics on display. The [...]