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Taito Egret Moving West
United Games Entertainment has announced that the Taito Egret II mini is coming to the West. The Egret II is the next mini machine looking to replicate a [...]
Sega Astro City Mini V
Sega gave old-school arcade fans something to shout about when they released the Astro City Mini arcade machine, bringing old arcade games into the home on [...]
Taito Egret II Mini – All 50 Games
The next mini retro machine coming to market is the Taito Egret II arcade. Taito was a giant of the arcade scene at one point with titles like Space [...]
Taito Egret II Mini Arcade Machine
It looks like the games industry is in something of an arcade-resurgence recently. Following shortly on from the Evercade VS announcement (and not too far [...]
Evercade Arcade Cartridges
Blaze has released an announcement trailer of four arcade compilation cartridges (Technos,Data East, gaelco and Atarti) coming in November of this year, [...]
Capcom Arcade Stadium Is Coming To PS4, Xbox One & Steam
The filled-to-the-brim arcade compilation, Capcom Arcade Stadium, which has been scratching the arcade itch of Nintendo Switch fans is making the move to [...]
Astro City Mini Western Release
The emulation mini-arcade machine from Sega, the Astro City Mini, is coming Westward. The machine holds a collection of Sega-developed arcade game [...]