Monthly Archives: December 2021

Japan’s Top 100 Games
‘Top’ lists are very popular, top 10s, top 20s, top 50s and of course top 100s; Stage-Select is partial to them too. Japanese television network Asahi must [...]
Final Fantasy 16 Delayed
The next instalment in the biggest RPG series in the world (after Pokémon at least), Final Fantasy XVI has been delayed, the title’s producer Naoki Yoshida [...]
Taito Egret Moving West
United Games Entertainment has announced that the Taito Egret II mini is coming to the West. The Egret II is the next mini machine looking to replicate a [...]
Playstation Sale
If you still haven’t found that game for Christmas and digital downloads don’t bother you then the Playstation sale. The new sale lasts until the 18th of [...]
Nintendo Expected Big Audiences At Christmas
It’s no secret that the Nintendo Switch is the most popular console on the market at the moment, and Nintendo expects that to continue into Christmas Day. [...]
Amiga In 2022
Amiga 500 fans can look forward to 2022 as the year that the Commodore Amiga 500 returns to store shelves (sort of). That mini-classic-console craze looks [...]
Epic’s 15 Days Of Games
The rumour that Stage-Select originally wrote about has turned out to be true; Epic will be giving away a free game everyday, for 15 days. The promotion [...]
Sega Mega Drives Onto The Switch
5 new Sega Mega Drive titles have made their way onto the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack service. The games are: Altered Beast Dynamite Headdy Sword [...]
Sega Astro City Mini V
Sega gave old-school arcade fans something to shout about when they released the Astro City Mini arcade machine, bringing old arcade games into the home on [...]
Sam Fisher Remade
It’s coming up on two decades since Ubisoft introduced the world to the night-vision goggles-wearing NSA agent Sam Fisher in Tom Clancy’s Splinter [...]