Switch Online Expansion Pricing & More

October 17, 2021 - News, Nintendo
Switch Online Expansion Pricing & More

Nintendo has released the details surrounding their new higher tier online service. The ‘Online Expansion Pack’ will be starting on the 25th of October, 2021, with pricing coming in at:

£34.99 for a 12 months on a single account and £59.99 for 12 months for the family package — up to 8 accounts.

($49.99 /$79.99 – single/family respectively for the U.S.A, and €39.99 /€69.99 – single/family respectively.)

To be clear, these prices will give people access to both the basic Switch online service with NES and SNES games, plus the Expansion Pack service which will give access to N64 games and Sega Mega Drive games. That’s not all though, because Nintendo also announced that people who pay for the Expansion Pack will also receive Animal Crossing’s first paid-for DLC, Happy Home Paradise, for free. Happy Home Paradise will release on the 5th of November, 2021, and will cost £22.49.
This opens up an interesting question about the possibility of Nintendo adding DLC for more titles to the Expansion Pack service in the future. However it is important to know that you will not own the Happy Home Paradise but rather rent it. If you allow the online service to expire you will only have access to certain features of the DLC, as reported on Eurogamer.

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