Sony Defuses The ‘CBOMB’

September 23, 2021 - News, PlayStation
Sony Defuses The ‘CBOMB’

It was discovered early this year that the PS4 was designed with a big flaw; that it would be useless when Sony eventually retires the Playstation 4 servers.

Without getting too detailed, (there is a nice explanation of the problem from Youtuber Modern Vintage Gamer here) the problem meant that digital and even physical games would be unplayable on the PS4 if a console cannot retrieve the corrected date a time (one that is not visible to the user) by connecting to the PS4 servers.

This news caused an outcry among gamers who didn’t see why their very expensive PS4 consoles should have an unavoidable and unextendable expiry date, one of Sony’s own design.

To give Sony their due credit, it seems the latest PS4 firmware update has solved this issue, something confirmed by multiple PS4 users.

So at least PS4 fans can bet that, if they take care of their systems, they can be playing games on their consoles for as long as the hardware holds up.

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