Nintendo Direct: N64 And Sega

September 24, 2021 - News, Nintendo
Nintendo Direct: N64 And Sega

Nintendo held their latest Direct yesterday, and with it a whole lot of news.

There’s too much to be written about here, some of the highlights included; Chocobo GP from Square Enix, a kart racing game that looks to be a continuation of Chocobo Racing on the PS1, a remake of the Super Nintendo classic Act Raiser (also from Square Enix and is available today!), a reveal for Bayonetta 3 (coming in 2022), an all-new Kirby platformer, and all new DLC coming to Monster Hunter Rise (paid for) and Mario Golf (free).

The news that everyone was talking about before the Direct was the rumour of a new online subscription plan for the Switch that involved Nintendo 64 games, and the rumours were right.

A new subscription tier that will offer N64 games to download is coming but we don’t know much more besides that yet — what people didn’t predict was that this service will include Sega Mega Drive games.

You can watch the full direct below, so be sure to check it out.

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