Earthworm Jim 3.

May 2, 2019 - News
Earthworm Jim 3.

While the likes of Aero, Gex and James Pond have disappeared into obscurity, Earthworm Jim remains one of the shining stars of the 2D era and an example of the platform mascot done right. A new Earthworm Jim game was always on the cards even if it took awhile, & now that wait is over, Earthworm Jim 3 is coming, and it’s coming to the Intellivision Amico?

Yes a new Intellivision branded home console is also on the way (read more here) but let’s be honest, unless they’re made by Nintendo these cheap & cheerful plug & plays have yet to set the world alight, & while the Intellivision Amico is unlikely to break that mould, having a few exclusives like Earthworm Jim on your platform certainly make it worth keeping an eye on.

Expect to be hearing more about Earthworm Jim 3 & the Intellivision Amico very soon.

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