E3 2021 Expectations: XBox.

June 4, 2021 - News
E3 2021 Expectations: XBox.

Microsoft really have it all to do at this year’s E3 don’t they? After all, not only is the XBox manufacturer trying their darnedest to claw back at least some of the market share conceded to Sony during the last generation, but at the same time Phil Spencer and co are attempting to shift gamers’ focus away from hardware driven gaming towards the digital subscription model of Game Pass which, frustratingly for Microsoft, continues to trail some 15 Million subscriptions behind Sony’s PS Plus.
So with such lofty ambitions what must Microsoft show at E3 2021? Well Perfect Dark is without question a game that needs to shine, N64 and FPS fans alike will be banking on this game and the talent behind it to deliver, ditto for Halo Infinite, which needs to prove it’s long time coming has been worth the wait.
Big things must also be expected from Bethesda following the developers’ billion dollar buyout. Starfield needs to be shown at length and Bethesda needs to be outlining at, least roughly, what plans the developer has beyond Elder Scrolls or Fallout, though talk of either would be huge news in and of itself.

Away from Microsoft’s first party efforts, expect a number of third party games to be added to Game Pass, with Ubisoft highly likely to throw their weight behind the subscription service, much in the way EA have.

By the end of Microsoft’s E3 presentation I fully expect the gamers watching to be left utterly agog. Microsoft have been more than a little aggressive in their pursuit of games industry dominance as of late, plus Phil Spencer has always understood the benefits of having a good E3 showing, then we may have a perfect storm on our hands. One which could see Microsoft blow each and every other conference out of this year’s proverbial water.

Bonus Predictions:

Something that WILL happen during E3:
Halo Infinite will be shown at length.

Something that MIGHT happen during E3:
Hideo Kojima could announce his new game is in the works for XBox.

Something that WON’T happen at E3 (but really should)
Conker’s Bad Fur Day 2.

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