Monthly Archives: February 2019

Nintendo Direct 27/02/19 Pokémon Direct
So you might have missed it, but there was a Nintendo Direct today, a mini Pokémon-centric one. The whole thing was only roughly seven minutes long, but [...]
Switch Pass.
Less than a month ago Microsoft revealed a number of XBox Live features would be made available on a number of devices including the Nintendo Switch, [...]
Goodbye Reggie.
After 15 years of service Reggie Fils-Aime is retiring from Nintendo of America & his position as President and COO. “Nintendo owns a part of my heart [...]
First Impressions of Daemon X Machina Prototype Missions
The recent Nintendo Direct gave us a good deal of what I thought was really exciting news. Announcements like the new Mario Maker game and Astral Chain [...]
Direct February .
I’m beginning to come around to the notion that Nintendo Directs truly are what you make them. Take for instance last night’s direct [...]
Nintendo Direct – February 13th
Nintendo will be host one of their Direct events tonight at 10pm & you can watch it live right here.
Vesta (PS4) Review
Because I collect video games digital only releases aren’t the sort of thing that I look for. If I cannot add a game to my shelf then I usually pass [...]
Platinum No More.
Platinum Games rarely seems to be out of the headlines of late & this week has proven no different with another story involving the Oyodonaka based [...]
Cardfight!! Vanguard EX.
Trading card fans rejoice, Bushiroad’s Cardfight Vanguard series is making its way to the Nintendo Switch & PS4 later this year. Based around the [...]