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THQ Nordic New Games Including SpongeBob
THQ Nordic recently held a special event to celebrate their 10th anniversary, an event in which the publisher announced a host of new titles. The new games [...]
Sega’s New RPG
Apparently Sega has a new RPG in development, though we know almost nothing about it. The new title is going to be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show, 2021, [...]
GT7’s Online Requirements To ‘Prevent Cheating’
You can read a new story from Eurogamer here which goes into explaining the reasoning behind Gran Turismo 7’s online requirement for single-player modes. [...]
Nvidia GeForce Now: New Games? Old Games? Remakes?
A recent datamine of Nvidia’s game-streaming service, GeForce Now, has produced a very interesting list of games. The list itself is not an admission that [...]
Platinum’s Mystery Game
Speaking to VGC, head of PlatinumGames Atsushi Inaba has confirmed that the studio is working on an unannounced title being headed up by Astral Chain [...]
Gran Turismo 7 Online
The nest game in the Gran Turismo franchise, GT 7, will require an online connection to play the single-player mode, as note by an asterisked point at the [...]
Bayonetta 3 Update
VGC has an interesting interview up that you can read here. Going over questions to PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba, the two gentlemen went [...]
Playstation 5 Showcase: What Was There?
It was the night of Sony’s Playstation showcase, and with all the rumours that popped up in the approach, did the event live up to the hype? If you want to [...]
Alan Wake Remaster Confirmed
We reported on a retail listing for an unannounced remaster for Remedy’s horror classic Alan Wake. Now the remaster has been confirmed on the fan site [...]
Alan Wake Remaster And FF7 Remake?
A remaster of the horror classic Alan Wake looks set to be releasing in October. Twitter user Wario 64 spotted the listing for a retailer that states the [...]