Monthly Archives: May 2022

Dragon Quest Treasures Trailer
Dragon Quest Treasures is the spin-off that follows heroic thief Erik and his sister Mia from Dragon Quest 11 has a new trailer. Treasures has no release [...]
New Playstation State Of Play
Sony will be holding a new state of play event on the 2nd of June to show off some PS5 games as well as some PSVR 2 games. Of course Sony would rather [...]
Death Stranding 2
Death Stranding is to get a sequel, so says the man who lent his face and his voice to protagonist Sam, Norman Reedus. Mr. Reedus let the news of a new [...]
New RPG From The Veterans
A new action RPG is in the works, one that has a lot of experience behind it. The news comes from Japanese website Gamer. Called Project TRITRI (for now at [...]
Sega Games Up For Remakes
A new fiscal presentation from Sega Sammy (parent company of Sega) has given us an interesting insight into Sega’s upcoming plans. According to the report [...]
Dead Space Remake Release Date
Dead Space was a shockingly good game. It managed to offer a horror atmosphere while integrating action that didn’t detract from the menace of the many [...]
Double Delays From Bethesda
Publisher Bethesda had to brake the news to Xbox fans that two games, Starfield and Redfall, will both be delayed. The games will be pushed back to 2023.
Xbox Outage And The Loss Of Ownership
We were once again reminded of the bleak future that faces the video games industry if the trend away from physical games, and importantly, physical games [...]
Summer Games Fest 2022
The Summer Games Fest event is set to return in 2022, hosted by Geoff Keighley again, and is promising ‘world premiers’ and new game announcements. The [...]
NIS Classics 3 Release Date
As long as NIS is willing to release some of the better titles in their back catalogue Stage-Select will definitely be interested, and the next in that [...]