Monthly Archives: April 2022

EDF 6 Japanese Release Date
Raise the banner and your voice in the cry of EDF. The Earth Defence Force is back again to fight off the hordes the biggest creepy crawlies you have ever [...]
Starfield’s Audio Tour
Bethesda has released a video for Starfield, and this one give viewers a look at the thought behind the game’s approach to audio. If that sort of thing [...]
Epic New Free Games
Two more free digital games will be made available on the Epic Games store. From the 28th of April until the 5th of May Epic Game store users will be able [...]
Splatoon 3 Release Date
Get your ink bombs ready because Nintendo’s colourful shooter Splatoon 3 has a release date for the 9th of September, 2022.
Shedder’s Revenge Release Window
If the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cowabunga Collection wasn’t enough heroes in a half shell for you then keep your eyes peeled for Shedder’s Revenge, the [...]
Klonoa’s Multiplatform Return
Somehow the floppy-eared dream traveller Klonoa has not been able to cement himself as a recognised mascot character. Even being the veteran of the games [...]
Sonic Origins Release Date
Following the Korean ratings board news we have an official release date for Sonic Origins from Sega.
Sonic Origins Update
The internet has been provided an update to the collection of classic 2D Sonic games Sonic Origins. Coming courtesy of the Korean ratings board, which [...]
Digimon Survive Release Date
After multiple delays Japanese fans will be able to experience a new adventure from the Digital World. That’s right, Digimon Survive, the next game in the [...]
No More Heroes 3 Ports
The weird world of No More Heroes and its assassin protagonist Travis Touchdown will be moving it the Playstation and Xbox orbits when No More Heroes 3 is [...]