Monthly Archives: January 2020

Disaster Report 4 Finds An International Release Date
The latest in the Disaster Report series (also known as SOS: Final Escape and Raw Danger!) has finally been given an internationally release date. Disaster [...]
Fan made Tribute to EarthBound, Mother 4 Renamed Oddity
If you’re a fan of EarthBound (or Mother as the series is known in Japan) or if you’re a fan of fan-made games than you might like this. A [...]
Announcements Big And Small From Platinum Games in 2020
PlatinumGames has probably seen more commercial success than any other point in its history over 2019 with milestones like Astral Chain being the [...]
Gunslinger Stratos Coming To Home Consoles
Gunslingers Stratos, the games with an anime adaptation which has until now only seen in arcades and on PC while make the jump to home consoles sometime in [...]