Monthly Archives: March 2019

Game Boy Log # 5 Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan
It’s another Game Boy Log, and this time we’re throwing pizza parties and scraping with shinobi (and before you say anything, yes I do know [...]
Gaming Pickups.
This past Sunday Stage-select abandoned the safety of the sofa and ventured out into the real world in search of classic games at the London gaming market. [...]
We’ve been waiting a long time but finally, Google has played their hand, & that hand is the Stadia. A service instead of a console as many had been [...]
Konami Collections.
Konami is turning 50 this year & to celebrate the once mighty developer are reminding us of why we use to love them with the release of 3 digital [...]
Many said it would never happen but they were all wrong, Cuphead is coming to the Switch. The game’s announcement is not only great news for gamer who have [...]
Game Boy Log #4 Mole Mania
Our hero returns home expecting to be greeted by his loving wife and children, but things are strangely quiet. Where are they? He asks. He senses something [...]
London Games Market.
This Sunday the StageSelect crew will be heading to the London Games Market. For those who don’t know the London Games Market is an event held three times [...]
Netflix seem to be green-lighting a lot of game inspired content at the moment, what with more Castlevania, Devil May Cry & Resident Evil shows all in [...]
Yo-Kai Watch 4.
Level-5 have decided to treat us to a brand new trailer for Yo-Kai Watch 4: Looking Up at the Same Sky. The new subtitle, according to Level-5 president [...]
Nintendo Cardboard.
While the wait for VR gaming to truly establish itself as the next big thing continues, Nintendo have decided to dip their toe back in the VR water with a [...]