Xbox & Bethesda Roundtable

March 11, 2021 - News, XBox
Xbox & Bethesda Roundtable

So the Xbox & Bethesda event took place in the form of a ‘roundtable’. It lasted for just over an hour (you can watch the video here), but there wasn’t much games news in there. The presentation itself seemed an opportunity to let Xbox fans know that Microsoft has been listening to their internet discussions and wanted to let everyone that the purchase of Bethesda was now official, and that they should look forward to more news in the future.

The thing that everyone wanted to hear about is just how many future Bethesda titles will be exclusive? Mr. Phil Spencer answered that question with a little vagueness; ‘So obviously I can’t sit here and say “every Bethesda game is exclusive”.

He continued to say Xbox’s goal is to bring ‘great exclusive games for you that ship on platforms where Game Pass exists’.

So we’ll still need to wait and see just what titles will get the exclusive badge, but one thing that was made clear is the 20 titles that will be coming to Xbox Game Pass tomorrow.

Titles include multiple Doom games, Elder Scrolls games and the Evil Within (a Stage-Select favourite).

Finally there was mention of a ‘Summer event’ but with no details beyond that.

The Xbox & Bethesda Roundtable was very much light on news, but if you want to see some of the people that will now be joining Xbox and why they are excited about the move then maybe you want to take a look here.

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