Polymega Tentative Release Date

December 14, 2019 - News
Polymega Tentative Release Date

The Polymega as been talked about for a long while now. An emulation console with a clean aspect and novel modular design to it’s numerous units, which also emulates a wide range of CD based games (including PS1 and the Saturn), not just cartridges. With our many older games, Stage-Select has been quietly excited about the Polymega.

Unfortunately there has been little news from the Polymega creators Playmaji for some time now, but that changed with a recent update to a possible release date on the official Polymega site (you can read it here).

The new update tells us that the system is going into pilot production, the test stage before full production, and hopes are that units will be release by the end of February 2020.

If you use the link above you can read the update from the official Polymega site as well as a few other bits. Particularly of interest besides the release is the Polymega’s lightgun, which promises to work with your old lightgun games on new TVs and monitors, and a compatibility list for CD games.

With all this and more, if the Polymega really delivers on everything it promises we could be looking at the a great way to play older games.

You can watch video for the Polymega user interface here.

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