Nintendo Switch Lite.

July 13, 2019 - News, Nintendo
Nintendo Switch Lite.

After months of speculation, Nintendo has finally confirmed a redesigned Switch is coming.

Dedicated to handheld gaming & affordability, the Nintendo Switch Lite does away with a number of the original Switch’s features including HD Rumble, IR Motion Camera, detachable joycons & the ability to connect to a TV, however in their place we get a slightly more pocket friendly console (5.5″ touchscreen) with improved (by about 30 minutes) battery life & a price tag of £199.99.

Paired with a large SD card the appeal of the Switch Lite is crystal clear, a great value, dedicated games console that offers gamers the chance to play games from Mario Odyssey to the Witcher anywhere. The Switch Lite is in no way designed to replace your original Switch but instead is designed to accompany it & at the same time offer any remaining 3DS owners reluctant to switch the chance to do so this September 20th.

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