New Playstation Plus

March 30, 2022 - News, PlayStation
New Playstation Plus

Sony has revealed their plans to pull more customers to their online subscription service Playstation Plus.

As detailed on the official Playstation blog, the revamped service will provide three tiers:

Playstation Plus Essential, which acts much as Playstation Plus does now,

Playstation Plus Extra, which offers the same service as Essential while adding ‘400’ PS4 and 5 titles for download,

and Playstation Plus Premium provides everything above and an extra ‘340’ titles from the original Playstation, PS2 and PSP for download, and PS3/4/5 games cloud-streamed.

Premium will cost $119.99 (same in Euros) for a year long subscription, and 99.99 pound in the UK.

This remodeled service will effectively do away with Playstation Now, merging the service with Plus and bringing along with it the streaming element. Sony are looking to launch it in June.

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