Konami and Bloober Team Partnership

July 1, 2021 - News
Konami and Bloober Team Partnership

It seems that you cannot get away from rumours of a new Silent Hill, and the news that Konami and Bloober Team have entered into a partnership deal is certainly going to add to the hopes of Silent Hill fans.

What the partnership will entail is not clear yet, but Bloober Team have quite the hefty horror portfolio, having worked on the Layers of Fear games, as well as their most recent release The Medium. Mr. Akira Yamaoka – prolific Silent Hill Producer and Composer – also worked with Bloober Team on The Medium, who teased an as yet unnamed project he is working on.

There is no news that Mr. Yamaoka’s unnamed project or this partnership with Bloober Team will turn out to be the next title in the Silent Hill series, but there is definitely plenty of reason to keep an eye on just what is to come next.

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