Intellivison Amico Delayed

August 9, 2021 - News
Intellivison Amico Delayed

The Intellivision Amico has hit another delay. The news comes from VGC, which they received through an email sent to customers who have pre-ordered the family focused system.

The Amico is looking to hit on that Nintendo appeal as a system that can play to a broad audience, with games that are built upon the old fashioned pick-up-and-play style of game that was central to the Intellivision.

The delay has been caused by supply and logistics problems, and unfortunately there is no firm release date now, but the email does say that plans are to get units to customers who have pre-ordered by the end of the year.

The Intellivision was the first of a series of consoles that was first released in the 70s, being brought to market by Mattel.

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