Have Visuals for Elden Ring and Battlefield 6 Leaked?

May 4, 2021 - News
Have Visuals for Elden Ring and Battlefield 6 Leaked?

Publishing ‘leaked’ footage or pictures of some hotly-anticipated game can be a dodgy business. While most people don’t see the harm in letting fans know how things are developing, but for publishers and developers that sort of thing is not looked upon fondly. When you think about that, not to mention the risk that such leaks can and do turn out to be spurious, well there’s plenty of reason to take any leak with a pinch of salt.

With that said, it seems that a couple of such leaks have hit the internet, and it is for two interesting titles. The leaks are a trailer of the fantasy title coming out of From Software and Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin. The trailer itself is an underwhelming six seconds in length, dosen’t show us much.

The second leak involves two images of what purports to be of Battlefield 6, and what looks like a more contemporary setting.

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