Fallout 4 goes Anime.

May 6, 2019 - News
Fallout 4 goes Anime.

In my opinion, the best thing about PC gaming is modding. Be it addressing oversights in the base release or adding to it, modding can sometimes be reason enough to purchase a game. Case in point, Fallout 4, while not a bad game by any measure, the base game did lack that special something. Thankfully modders have been all too happy to step in, & the latest Fallout mod to be put out adds a whole bunch of anime characters.

Inspired by the voice of Kasumi, modder Hiyokomod decided to add a fresh feel to Fallout by adding a few anime girls & the ability to create your own. The result is striking & really makes me realize how great a complete Fallout overhaul in an anime style would be.

Until that day comes Hiyokomod’s efforts will do. Read more about the mod here.

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