Evercade VS

March 29, 2021 - News
Evercade VS

Is there a new Evercade System on the way? The cartridge based hand-held that holds a decent sized library of retro-collections, as well as some modern offerings like Xeno Crisis, has made a good impression on gamers, and now the Evercade might be about to expand.

Through the official Evercade Twitter account, a mysterious ‘Evercade VS’ is being promoted. Just what the VS is we don’t know. Could it be that we are going to see something like an online matching service with a hardware add-on to take advantage of it so Evercade enthusiasts can go head-to-head in friendly competition. Or maybe what’s being hinted at is a new system altogether, maybe something that is less portable and more home-console like.

Whatever it might be, the tweet marks out the 23rd of April, 2021 specifically. So hopefully we’ll hear more then.

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