Atari VCS Release Date

July 5, 2020 - News
Atari VCS Release Date

Retro consoles of the miniature variety have proved very popular, so pulling out the catalogue of a popular, old-school console and throwing some roms from that catalogue into a small box seemed a sure fire hit. Unfortunately for fans though the Atari VCS has been plagued with delays, a lack of information and even claims of ‘vapour-ware’ from some critical voices.

Well those who backed the ‘more than 100’ titles-packed mini Atari console can finally breath a sigh of relief. Atari has confirmed that backers will be getting their systems, but also that they are taking pre-orders on the official Atari VCS site. And Atari are promising anyone who

pre-orders now now will receive the system before Christmas day (as of writing).

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