Monthly Archives: December 2020

147 Plans For Games In 2021 asked questions to 147 different game industry persons a set of question, one of which being what their aspirations are for 2021. One of the [...]
Christmas & January Sales & Promotions
If the free games that the Epic Games store is giving away didn’t interest you, there are still plenty of other vendors looking to sell you a games. The [...]
KFC’s KFConsole
If you ever felt like eating some of Colonel Sander’s finest poultry while playing your favourite games but always find your crispy chicken has gone cold, [...]
Bloodstained Classic Mode
It might have had a rocky start, especially considering the technically problems with its Nintendo Switch port, but since its release in 2019 ArtPlay have [...]
No More Heroes 1 & 2 Coming To PC?
It seems likely that both the first and second No More Heroes games are coming to PC after an ESRB rating for the games appeared online. Even though the [...]
Epic Games Store: Free Games
Epic Games is holding a promotion of giving away a free PC game every day for 15 days, which started on the 17th of December.The promotion will last for 15 [...]
Sephiroth Comes on Smash On December 23rd 2020
After the now established tradition of an overview video which Mr. Sakurai delivers with each new character that joins the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster–the [...]
Dan Knocked Into Next Year
Back when Stage-Select wrote about the Street Fighter 5 summer update, we were told that SF 5 fans could look forward to one more round of characters [...]
New SNK Console On The Way
Details are scant, but if SNK’s official Twitter account is to be believed than a new console from SNK is in the works. SNK hardware has been somewhat [...]
Now EA Are To Buy Codemasters?
Only recently did Stage-Select report on the planned purchased of games developers Codemasters by publishing giant Take-Two. Things have taken a dramatic [...]