The PS5 Controller

April 8, 2020 - News, PlayStation
The PS5 Controller

There’s been much speculation about the Playstation 5, much of it fuelled by a lack of information by Sony coupled with Microsoft’s reveal of the Xbox Series X. Well Sony has decided to grace fans with a little new information about the PS5 with a reveal for the newest DualShock, the ‘DualSense’.

Through the official Playstation Blog Sony has the new controller for the PS5 and it does look a bit different. It’s not the sort of departure that the Playstation Move controller was from the traditional DualShock design, but the DualSense s certainly different. With a more sleek, curved look, and promises of a more impressive experience thanks to the much touted ‘haptic feedback’, Sony will be hoping that the DualSense will prove as popular as the DualShock.

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