Sonic The Hedgehog Going Slower

May 26, 2020 - News
Sonic The Hedgehog Going Slower

The latest Sonic Official stream, the first of 2020, took place a few days ago without much fanfare, but occasionally you might hear something interesting. Aaron Webber, Brand Manger, said during the stream that fans say ‘we want news’, and explained the reason we have waited so long to hear details concerning the next Sonic title. According to Webber Sega has rushed production of Sonic titles in the past to meet an annual release schedule, and quality has suffered at times as a result. For this new, as yet unknown title, Sega will be taking more time to ensure that the final product meets the standards that people should be able to expect from a Sonic game.

Does this mean that the latest title really is going to be something like a new Sonic Mania, or something even bigger, like a new Sonic Adventure? We’ll have to wait and see.

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