Polymega Business License Suspended and Polymega Responds

March 9, 2021 - News
Polymega Business License Suspended and Polymega Responds

There’s been more than a few bumps in the road to Polymega’s release. Not only has the retro emulation-console missed multiple release dates but has also fallen out with retail-mega-chain Walmart over distribution of the machine.

Now Playmaji, the name of the company making the Polymega, has had its Business License suspended.

This sounds like a very serious issue, and just one more to add to the pile but Playmaji has assured customers that the suspension was the result of a simple clerical error. You can see both the tweets showing the suspension from Twitter user @scullion1888 below as well as the reply from Playmaji/Polymega. Worldwide Distribution GmbH, who is responsible for distribution to the European region has also assured customers that they will fulfil orders ‘asap’ and asks for patience from customer.

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